Life has never been the same since Hector Kane was tossed out of the Company two years ago. His marriage to the smart and beautiful Yubi is falling apart after the death of their son. His teaching career at the American Institute of Middle Eastern Studies in Cairo has not fulfilled him as he thought it would. His heart and mind are still in the trade. So when the CIA offers him a chance to redeem himself, Hector doesn’t hesitate.


It’s a “one-man job,” as the Cairo chief puts it; if successful, Hector is set up to become the next deputy chief of the CIA’s Cairo station. Hector will take his wife and five students to a remote island in the South China Sea. No questions, Hector; you’ll be briefed in Asia. But in Asia, things get weirder by the day. First, Hector questions the nature of his mission when the CIA instructs him to infect one of his students with a vague Chinese virus codenamed "KV-19." Second, Hector receives a call from the Saudi Prince Mohamed bin Hakam, who claims that Hector’s wife is a Chinese spy who has seduced and abducted his son.


Unable to tell the CIA, Hector must act alone. He has to contact the Chinese intelligence, locate the prince’s son, and relearn everything he thought he knew about his marriage, his mission, and himself.

Praise for The Haze:


“A knotty and satisfying tale of action, drama, and secrets.”

- Kirkus Reviews

"Engrossing... Hawkes keeps the twists coming... Fans of superior post–Cold War spy fiction will be satisfied."

- Publishers Weekly

“With its relentless pace, smart plot, and top-notch writing, The Haze makes for a most appealing and compelling read… The Haze is a must-read for fans of Spy Stories and is recommended without reservation.”

- Book Viral


“A thoroughly enjoyable contemporary spy novel recommended to fans of the well-known ‘heavy hitter’ espionage writers.”

- Reedsy


“Reading The Haze feels very much like going on a tour round the world and meeting diverse people, cultures, cities... The author’s wordplay is quite fascinating. . . Also, to his credit is his in-depth knowledge of global geopolitics which he put to good use in giving the book a real life semblance. The Haze is a thrilling book that could make anyone’s day.”

- Mary Jane Anderson, book blogger